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Replication of skeletal mesh physics (ragdoll)

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    Replication of skeletal mesh physics (ragdoll)

    I'm make door as skeletal mesh with joint. Server work as dedicaded. Unreal compiled from github sources. Physics is not synced.




    Why I cannot make this simple thing on Unreal Engine? It not support physics replication? It cannot send simple transformation to client's mesh? I'm try to make this simple thing over 6 (SIX!) mounths....
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    Game engines by default will not sync physics online.
    Also, you don't really need physics for something like this; a simple replicated boolean value for this or a rpc would suffice to trigger a timeline to open/close the door.
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      Physics replication and syncing is tricky thing.
      Even in AAA titles there tends to be a lot of smoke and mirrors going on.

      You will need to either simplify the door setup (as mentioned by Bruno) or rig up some client side prediction and syncing method with the server.
      If the latter, search the forums.
      There are some good topics on this subject
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        BrUnO XaVIeR, Kris, by another words - Unreal Engine not support ragdoll replication?
        But Advanced Vehicle example project is work fine (car is skeletal mesh with joints). Why?


          Is the advanced vehicle replicating all the bones or just the overall position of the vehicle once calculated and letting the client determine the position of the wheels?
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