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Detour Crowd AI Controller can not simulate a big crowd?

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    Detour Crowd AI Controller can not simulate a big crowd?

    Hi, I am trying to simulate a big crowd of AI characters. It wont be something fancy but I want them to move to somewhere. The simulation is working fine until I got 50 characters. But when I add character to the scene the first character I placed is not moving anymore. More the characters I add after 50 the more characters are not moving in the scene. I checked world outliner and I saw that there are AIControllers for every character I add. For some reason Crowd AI Controller can not control more than 50 characters simultaneously. First I thought that it is because some limitations in the engine than I saw this guys video( with 400 AIs and realise that the problem is about me. I checked forums for helps but could not find anything. What would be the problem in my case and how can I solve it? I need to control much bigger crowds for my project.

    Here is the blueprint of my AI character:
    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks, Baro
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    Can't believe no one answers?!
    You can tweak it here: Project Settings/Crowd Manager/Max Agents