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[REQUEST]Complex AI Behavior Trees

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    [REQUEST]Complex AI Behavior Trees

    Helo there!

    Right now im studiying UE4 AI systems, behavior tree blackboards EQSSystem contexts and a lot of usefull stuffs, right now i understand the most of the topics that involves the AI develomenp in UE4. A few days ago i challenge myself trying to develop a complete AI system that do things that i preffer dont coment here. The problem is that this AI is very very very complex and i need a start point to learn how to structure the behavior tree herarchy. My request is images of complex behaviors trees that you develop for your games or projects, and if posible a little explanation of what you are doing in the BTs.

    Thanks in advance!

    Whitman And Olbert.

    PD: If you have tips a tricks for create the architecture of complex behavior trees from the scratch, all is welcome.
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