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"Dashpad" that moves player into a specific direction

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    "Dashpad" that moves player into a specific direction

    so im about to make some Kind of "Dash Pad" ( duno how it would be called correctly in english ) where, if the player is on top of it, the player gets moved in the direction the arrows moving at.
    The game is a Isometric like game and i dont know in what way i would archieve this.

    On the dashpad actor BP, i tried to make and component begin overlap and add a "add movement input" for the player character, in the movement input i tried to manually set the direction in which the player should get, -1 X in this case, to "loop" that effect, i added a delay for the duration of "0.2" and re-entered it the add movement input, for testing purposes.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ue4-2.png
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    Ignore the "force" check.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ue4-2-2.jpg
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    So what am i doing wrong, or in what way would i archieve this :S ?
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    I don't think you can use force. But you can use launch character.

    I believe there are tutorials on YouTube for making jump pads
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      Ok uhm, just in case i confusing you, i dont want my character to get like punched back, instead like an flat escalator, if u dont move, u go backwards :P
      So i dont know if i can archieve the result i need in launching the character, but im going to watch some tutorials it now, so thanks for that
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        You don't specify your problem.
        what exactly happens (or doesn't)?

        This is my Dashpad:
        Click image for larger version

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        (You have to multiply Speed with delta if you want speed to be cm/s)

        You have to make sure, that your collisionbox and your character both generate Overlap Events!


          ye i just found a tutorial on that :S
          sry :<

          Case closed !