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Transition between levels with Sequencer Cinematics

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    Transition between levels with Sequencer Cinematics

    Seems to me that one of the most common tasks changing game levels is to:
    Hit a trigger
    Cinematic starts
    Player loses input
    Cinematic fades to black
    Streaming levels are dumped
    Streaming levels are loaded
    Player is transported to new loaded level.
    New cinematic starts.
    Cinematic fades up.
    Player regains input in new level.

    Yeah, that's a lot of steps, but it has to be something that anyone developing streaming levels deals with routinely.

    So why can't I find any samples of how to do this? And it's been made more complicated by the switch away from Matinee to Sequencer, and the fact that Sequencer doesn't have an 'End Sequence' notice.

    Anyway - if anyone can point me to some solid examples of how this is done I would really appreciate it.

    i plan on doing some simple tutorials for sequencer here soon, but have you checked out the new video on the youtube concerning Sequencer?

    what you want to do is pretty simple with sequencer though, and can be achieved with a correctly placed "Event" keyframe. hope that helps somewhat.


      Sharing my setup.

      Its almost the same as with Matinee but the trick is to use a player that is "Sequencer friendly".
      To get that player you drag out from "get target sequence player" and have "in context" ticked on.
      Otherwise you end up with the Matinee player.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	BP_setup_level_trans.jpg
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      Then I have two trigger boxes on the map where I want to level transition to start.
      The camera is a shot inside Sequencer.
      I animate the transform settings of that camera to give the sequencer "movie" a bit of a drift.
      Each trigger box has its own "onactorbeginoverlap" kickstarter in level blueprint.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	boxes.jpg
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