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Attaching Client View to Host's Camera?

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    Yes it's quite easy, on the client player controller you add a "Set View Target With Blend" node. Leave target as self, and on the New View Target drag the host player controller.
    If there are only 2 characters (host and client) you can use a Get Player Controller with index 1 on the client to get the host controller.

    You can add the Set View Target node on a different blueprint too, but then you need to Get Player Controller 0 to use for the Target input since self won't work.

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  • started a topic Attaching Client View to Host's Camera?

    Attaching Client View to Host's Camera?

    I have a simple setup of a Host and Client map. The Host launches to control a Pawn already set in the world. The client connects, but he controls his own Character. I want the client to have zero control and only has a view from the Host's Pawn's Camera. As if he is spectating from the first person view of the host.

    Any suggestions?