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Need help, Infinite loop blueprint?

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    Need help, Infinite loop blueprint?

    Hello Peoples,

    I am a bit new and im working on something similiar to that of the Silent Hill PT.
    Essentially I want to go through a door, and end up in the same room i started in before
    without cutting to a cutscene, and without making a bunch of rooms and what not.
    Any help?
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    try it with a portal.

    best regards
    sim on



      Yeah, that would work. Only problem now is as im going through my door,
      i want to be able to see the next hallway? Essentailly like im looking from
      the left arrow, towards a door, when i open it i see the next hallway and i step into it
      and it is the next hallway.



        You have to create rooms as sublevels. And you don't need a portal.
        Else it won't work like you want it.
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          hi if you like the portal idea ...

          i never test it before and maybe its a little bit complicated or i might be wrong but this
          guy fakes a "stereo" lookthrough with a rigged scene capture to get the 3D effect.

          i think: when he moves in a specific range whe actor overlap in front of the door the scene capture in the other room is "attached" to to the players camera rotation and its location ... works like this head tracking thing -->


            Hello mate,

            Instead of using portals, have you thought of just spawning new rooms and destroying old rooms, like the configuration in my below diagram:

            For example, you initially start in the red section, then once you pass into the green section, the red section is deleted and the blue section is spawned?
            I have not tried this, but see no reason why it would not work. A bit more brick and morter instead of smoke and mirrors
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              Look at endless runner tutorials for reference
              they use the same function you want to use here
              creating new rooms ahead of you and destroying the ones behind you to save space