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AI Post System similar to Uncharted 4

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    AI Post System similar to Uncharted 4

    Hello everyone,
    I was currently reading an article on how AI system was implemented in Uncharted 4 ( It seemed very interesting to read, so I would like to ask that is creating such a AI post system possible in UE4. Adding sense and hearing and other senses is possible, but is such a system is possible.

    I am not saying I will be really able to do it, I just wanna know is it possible and some direction on how to do something like that so I can experiment in that direction.

    It is probably possible using the various AI Tools available in UE4 ... it might not be the most simplest thing to do but I don't see why it couldn't be done.

    Your first stop would probably be EQS:

    The Environment Query System is a feature of the Artificial Intelligence system in Unreal Engine 4 for collecting data on the environment, asking questions of the data through Tests, then returning then one Item that best fits the questions asked.

    You can use it to find the closest power up, figure out which enemy is the highest threat, or to find cover.
    Quinton Delpeche
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      I have worked with EQS, but I don't know how to from there to that post!