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[BUG] 4.12.4 Construction Script is not working anymore !

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    [BUG] 4.12.4 Construction Script is not working anymore !


    Hi ,

    i've installed the latest version of UE 4 (UE 4.12.4 version ) and since then whatever actor i create and whatever i want to do in the construction script it just doesn't work anymore ..

    First thing i've done :

    - create a new actor BP
    - in the construction script i've made a simple "print string " with the "hello world"
    - place the actor in the world and moving it to "launch" the construction script .. nothing happend .. but the print string is effective in the output log .. (only here )

    Second thing i've done :

    - a bit more complex stuff , with some whileloop , foreach , add child actor component , etc ..
    and here again nothing happend (even in the output log )

    so i don't understand .. is this a bug in the 4.12.4 ? is this just an option i need to check in this particular version ? it's actually really problematic .

    I hope someone is going to find a solution because it's really annoying and i actually can't work .

    thanks for reading me and have a nice day !!

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    It's probably something else causing a failed compile maybe, construction script works in my project in 4.12.4, I use it on a lot of Actors.


      Thanks for your answer !

      i've not tried with another project , maybe mine is corrupted in some way ..

      i'll try tomorrow with another blanck project and i'll come back here to say if it's working or not


        for print to work you need to enable 'show stats' in the viewport. i have no clue about the other isssue.


          Hi !

          Thx Harcarik for this tips i don't why in 4.12.4 when you create a new project the "show stats " is unchecked by default where in other version this checkbox is active by default .. kinda weird when we don't know the tips :/

          Finally the print string is showing me the information i want but there is still a lot of problem whith this version of UE but i'll make a new post about it

          Anyway thx guys for your answers and have a nice day !


            where is show stats button ?