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Two Events for one action

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    Two Events for one action


    I think my question is very simple but I can not find the right option in BP.

    I want, that one action happens but I have 2 requirements for them.

    For Example a Light with a switch on another side of the room. I want that I can use the switch if im near enough and I use it pressing "E" for example. In C++ I would use the & but how can I do this on BP?

    I've seen a tutorial about this. But the Problem here is if I have more then one lights and switchs all lights are turning on. And thats not what I want.

    Hope you understand me and thanks in advance.

    greez Rok

    You can use a boolean variable(set if it's true or not via distance detection) and a Branch node for E key event so that it fires only when the bool is true.
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      Sounds like a good idea Ill try that