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    Procedural building creator

    Hello! As I am new to this forum and Unreal Engine at all i would like to apologize if this thread is in the bad section. Please move it to the correct one.

    As I said i am a complete noob in UE. I'm currently a polish IT student and for one of my projects i've been challenged to create a procedural modeling building generator and make it run under UE. I was told that software named "grasshopper" could make it easier for me. I'll provide models which generator would use.

    I'm looking for any tutorials of making such generator and surely help in the future. I don' t even know where to start. Yes, i used google before, but all of the solutions led me to finished paid programs or to demo scripts i didnt uderstand.

    Thank you for patience and understanding.

    I doubt there are tutorials for that. Best you can do is watching some videos showing how other did it (to get ideas), then making your own construction script.
    This task is not simple, but you could start with making x*y floor and walls out of some tile meshes.
    Depends how much time you have for this project, you could do it as "real" thing in C++, or just some generator in BPs.