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Simple "inventory" blueprint help

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    Simple "inventory" blueprint help

    hey people !
    I just need to make a basic action with widgets blueprints.
    I want to create a store page and a player inventory.
    The items in the store are random generated. (i got a array of item in my game class).

    I just need to :
    When i click a item in the store page / delete the item in the store widget page / add the item in the inventory player widget page.

    (I use master blueprint to create my items slots)

    there are alot of tutorial for complex and big inventory. I didnt success to find what i need
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    just need a hint,
    what i need to get there ?

    i dont need full answer, just the blueprint logic


      try this. the player need a inventory array when you click a item in store pass the info to player inventory array and "refresh" the inventory player widget page.


        +1 to erWilly

        - Player selects item (if you're using a button, you could connect to the 'OnClicked' event)
        - Add that item information into a player inventory data structure
        - Remove the selected store item from your store data structure
        - Refresh Store items (which will delete the item you selected)
        - Emit a custom event to let your UI know the underlying data has changed & it needs to refresh

        Player Inventory
        - Receives custom event and refreshes (using the player inventory data)
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