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No input in 2 mins, goes to video?

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    No input in 2 mins, goes to video?


    I am trying to implement a feature where if no one plays the game in a couple minutes, it goes to a showcase video or in this case level where the AI plays itself. This is for a gradshow, so the idea is that upon no input the game shows some gameplay rather than a boring menu screen.

    Of course then if there is input, say the mouse moves, the game automatically goes back to the main menu, ready for playing.


    My suggestion is to create a custom event that increases a counter by the number of seconds you want for the tolerance and the game time.
    (counter = Get game time in seconds + PlayGradshowTolerance)

    Then, in the Any Key event, you call this custom event.

    You should call it, too, whenever your InputAxis Lookup or LookRight return a value different than zero (that means your mouse is moving).

    In the event tick, get the game time in seconds and compare with the counter. If the counter is equal or more than the game time, you play the gradshow.