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Why is there no way to override Instanced Mesh Components and Spline Mesh Components?

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    Why is there no way to override Instanced Mesh Components and Spline Mesh Components?

    I posted this on the Unreal Answers as well.

    This is using Unreal Tournament's Editor, which is currently version 4.12.

    Allright, so these are 2 nodes that I've been using frequently and there seems to be a huge limitation. They cannot be overridden from the viewport's "Details" panel. You can override them easily enough from the blueprint, but this is not useful to me.

    For example, if you drop a plain jane static mesh into the viewport, you can therefore override its material from the "Details" panel. Easy.

    If you want to accomplish this via blueprints, you must use an "Editable Variable". However, for spline mesh components and instanced mesh components, this appears to be impossible (see screenshot above).

    I'm curious if there's a way to override these from the viewport's details panel. The reason for this is to give the end user a very easy way to override these things.

    Think about this from a mesh pack author's point of view. I, the author of a mesh pack I'm working on, would like to give others an easy way to override these things from the viewport's detail's panel, due to its inherent simplicity and ease of access. Since I'm unable to do this currently, if I want to allow others to override a spline mesh and its materials, I'll have to include tutorials on how to duplicate an entire blueprint, and instructions for where exactly to modify the corresponding nodes. Not an elegant solution, imo. Hopefully you can see the problem.

    So, is there a reason why overriding "spline mesh components" and "static mesh instance components" is not possible via "Editable variables"? Is there a plan to add this functionality at a later date?

    -Neil (CaptainMigraine)
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    Okay, it was just me not fully understanding how spline mesh components work. Thanks to JayIce user from Unreal Answers for helping me find the solution.

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      Don't forget however that an instance static mesh component can only have 1 material applied, normally this material is applied to the static mesh. It can be applied after but all instance will be set to that mesh. I believe this may be the same with spline meshes but I've little experience with them.

      The instance static mesh is basically a clone of the static mesh shown in the details panel hence why there is no material option available.