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Need help with matchmaking

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    Need help with matchmaking

    I have absolutely no idea how to make an online matchmaking system with SteamWorks.
    My multiplayer game is supported by Steam, sorta, because if I load up my map and send an invite to my friend he can indeed play with me.
    However, how do I set up matchmaking? do I need to code this? or does SteamWorks literally gives me matchmaking? and if it doesn't, how do I code it?
    It would be cool if you could just press Join Game and it will sort out a team of 10 players or something based on their ranks if they picked rank or just randomly.
    So, how does it work?

    tl;dr = How do I set up matchmaking if steam already supports my game? I can invite a friend to play with me, but how do I make competitive/normal matchmaking? is it automatic through SteamWorks or do I need to code something?
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