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    Originally posted by jwatte View Post
    No, I mean multiple savegame slots.

    If you try to write "high score for level 3" to the same file as "unlocked features for player A" then when the player A goes back and loads level 2, those unlocked features will be locked again, because you will load the unlocked player feature data from that savefile.

    So, create one object that stores all the player unlock data (perhaps a PlayerInstance blueprint?) and another object that stores all the current-level data (like an actor in the level, with some well-known name or interface.)

    When time comes to "save," you save the player instance data to a savegame slot named "global player" and you save the level-specific instance data in a slot named "level 3 state."
    I already have 2 different slots. One Is Main thats for stuff in the main menu level. The other is Level1 and that controls all of the stuff in level one.