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Different Sounds From Multiple Instances of a Single Blueprint

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    Different Sounds From Multiple Instances of a Single Blueprint

    Hey folks,

    Wracked my poor brain over this one but can't figure out a solution - though it seems like there should definitely be one!

    I have a selection of Radios placed throughout my map. I've made a Blueprint from the mesh, attached a box collision and made it so a Dialogue Wave and subtitle plays on overlap. I have ten radios, ten different individual snippets of audio, breadcrumbed throughout the level. Do I need to make 10 different Radio blueprints? I feel like there's a way to select each individual Dialogue Wave from within a single blueprint, but then I don't know how I'd differentiate from one instance to the next! Could be wrong and might just have to make 10 different versions, but thought there might be a more efficient solution one of you clever people could come up with.

    Apologies for potential stupid question

    Cheers for reading and thanks in advance for any help!

    From phone.
    Make an array containg sound.
    Get length of array
    Get random number between 0 - array length
    Random number obtain id the array index you want play
    Get the sound from this array with this index number, play it in loop

    If you need more, i give you an example screen when back to computer


      Thanks for that! I did have some vague idea of using an array; but wouldn't that result in it playing a track at random? Ideally I'd want a specific bit of audio to be played at each radio


        Click image for larger version

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        DefinedCharacter Bool => Defined Radio ?
        Skeletal meshArray => Sound Array (Cue/Mix/Wave ?)
        Defined Character Type => Defined Radio Sound
        Set Skeletal Mesh => Play Sound
        Character Type => Radio_Sound_Nulmber

        Random or not, make your value public, you can change on each radio