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how to prevent character side movement in Y axe ?

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    how to prevent character side movement in Y axe ?

    The side scroll project have only forward movement , and i like to make a game depending on this project like the trine game , but the problem is when the character face something like sphere it will get pushed in a side so he resume his normal forward path but he is pushed away from the 0 Y axe to something like 100 unit away from zero Y axe so how to prevent the character to move in Y axe even when he encounter such object that will slide him from his Y axe ?


    If I remember well (I'm not using my pc right now) , there is many ways to do that :

    1- This will affect you character only : Go to CharacterMovementComponent , and lock movement on Y axis or allow XZ (I dont remember)

    2- This will affect all Characters and physics objects : Go to Project setting -> Physics ->
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      @ Mhousse1247 yeah found it it called some thing like character movement constraint planner , thanks a lot i thought its going to be hard to find such way but its unreal
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