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NPC's aren't walking

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    NPC's aren't walking

    Hello dear community!

    So, my sister and I are making our first bigger project. All well and good till now, but then we realized, that we are not able to get the NPC's to walk.
    I made them with the program "Fuse" and rigged and animated them with the online program "Mixamo". Most of the NPC's have the abilities to walk, to talk and an idle animation. Then I downloaded them as a .fbx-file and imported them into Unreal.

    Now they are standing around, doing their idle animation. But we can't get them to walk. We tried Track Points, Simple Location, and so much other stuff and watched Youtube-Videos, read through tons of forums and problems but we're stuck at that Problem, that nobody else seems to have. All we want is to get them to stand at one point for a couple of seconds, then to walk to a point nearby and wait there for a couple of more seconds. Then they should walk back to the first point and that is it! No more. Just to continue to do so and if activated to change to the "talk"-animation.

    The best we were able to do was make a NPC fall down to the ground and kinda.. crawl over the ground, but not into the direction we want and as you may suspect: We don't want the NPC to crawl, but to walk.

    So, what are we doing wrong? Did I make a problem when animating them? Is the Unreal Engine known to that sort of file (and I read so often that it actually is!)? What are we overlooking? We would be incredibly happy if anyone could give us an instruction of how to get a couple of NPC's walking from Point A to Point B and then back.


    Add navigation volume, press "P" if ground turns green then you have navigation.
    Then follow tutorial about setting up animation blueprint.
    Then "move to" should work for characters.
    You also may want to see AI tutorials and behavior trees, EQS.