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Blueprint Third Person slides when landing after jump..

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    Blueprint Third Person slides when landing after jump..

    I`ve noticed when transitioning from the Blueprint Third Person template to using my own character that when landing after a jump, the character slides for a fraction of a second ( rather than immediately continuing to run when hitting the ground )..

    I have kind of pinpointed this to the StateMachine inside the HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint - if i click on the TransitionRule arrow/line thing from JumpEnd back to Idle/Run i can change the duration of the transition ( can make him slide for two seconds after landing before continuing to run for example ).. However, even if i set this transition to zero, there`s always a very slight slide going on before he starts to run again..

    I`m assuming i need to learn more about how the state machine works etc but if anybody could give some tips on how to fix this it`d be much appreciated!

    Click image for larger version

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    Last edited by MidnightCow; 06-14-2014, 08:53 AM.

    Catching up on some learning how the StateMachine and TransitionRules work I managed to figure it out, hurray..

    Inside the Transition Rule ( with the arrow pointing to it above ) the A<B node that takes the Time Remaining Ratio for the JumpEnd Asset was set a bit too low for my taste ( resulting in the character sliding along when he hits the ground as the JumpEnd animation is still playing through ).. So i changed the A<B to compare against a bigger number - so effectively it transitions back into the run animation much quicker and without sliding along the ground first..

    The transition rule in the blueprint was read-only for whatever reason so i just copied the contents, deleted the rule, created a new one and pasted it in there..