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Does Root Motion replicate without extra tricks?

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    Does Root Motion replicate without extra tricks?

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to convert my setup to multiplayer and have some issues with my locomotion animations.
    It might be that I am just doing something wrong but I am suspicious because the rest of the joint animation plays just fine, it is just the actual root derived transform that does not seem to be applied. Not on the client or the server.
    I have also read some threads here claiming that there are problems with root animation replication.

    Does anyone know if this is still a problem (or ever was)?
    Or should it work just fine without having to do any extra workaround tricks?


    sorry bumping this as an answer either way would tell me if I need to re-do my whole animation setup.
    better to know now than to bang my head against the wall for another week. cheers, fred


      Ok so I have some more answers after starting a new minimal scene from scratch, but using the same animation assets.

      It seems to me that root motion replication works when being played as a State Machine.

      It does not seem to work when played as a Slot.

      I can see a fair bit of judder in the locally playing remote client window but maybe that is fixable.
      I'm playing both players just locally and using a Montage in my state machine with Root Motion from Montage Only.

      I was hoping to be able to avoid using State Machines as they seem to get messy fast and are hard to read and work with.




        Alright so after building on that just a tiny bit seems to have broken it again!

        I added one single replicated bool to control a state machine switch and with that single extra state+transition it is now broken again.
        As before I can see the switch happen as I go from Idle to Walking because the animation changes, so the transition itself must be correct. (it is just on single bool fed in)
        But the root motion to transform the whole character does not happen.

        It does work without the extra node+transition.

        NOT WORKING:


        So this seems to mean that basically Root Motion does not work in Multiplayer then.
        Another issue is that of course using State Machines means not being able to use Montages so I have to have Use Root Motion on Everything.
        Not that it matters since it doesn't seem to work anyway.

        If anyone can show me that I am wrong, please do.

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          This is a very interesting thread and I am very curious about what a possible resolution might be. I'm sorry I can't be much help though as I don't have much experience with anims
          Need another dev on your UE4 project? Send me a shoutout and I'll lend a hand