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    How to display time in a umg widget? Especially I want to display time from the ocean project. Thanks for help with first steps as in the screenshot:
    Click image for larger version

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    Firs, there is that magical blueprint node: "Format" i think its format text, but i am not sure, just type in "format" it will be on list.

    As its first parameter write for eg: {HH}:{MM}:{SS}, hit enter
    It will create 3 new pins: hh , mm, ss that are text
    Here you have simple way to process your values into text.
    When you connect that format, it will automatically spawn type conversion nodes.

    Now you need to watch UMG tutorial. Learn how to make umg and connect it to player controller. I am not writting it here because there are numerous great tutorials about basic umg stuff, search and watch them.

    Then add text node inside border to your umg. Add binding for text value. in created function add that "format" node described above. In event tick of umg hud mak your time reading, put result in variable. Read that variable in that text bind function.

    And watch umg tutorials.


      You probably also don't want your Construct Event like that, the two copies are custom events and won't actually fire on widget construction. You should delete those copies and just chain the 3 Set nodes together (or use a Sequence node).