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Need help with Blueprint 2D PlatFormer

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    Need help with Blueprint 2D PlatFormer

    Hey Fellow Unreal Nerds I need some help im trying to get the badman blueprint to shoot at my character no i have done this with a collision box however as you can see there is a problem in the video that it gets a little out of control if anyone could guide me on the right direction that would be great...


    You never really specified any logic for when the badman should stop shooting as far as i can tell. Maybe try coding a failsafe using the "end overlap" event? Also, i suspect the trigger volume you used is colliding with the ground or something, causing the event to trigger continuously. Use the "ignore collision" parameter as you see fit.

    Adding code for rate of fire (via a "delay" node maybe?) would also help stop the bug from being as out of control as it is.
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