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Pawn Camera rotate around character

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    Pawn Camera rotate around character

    Hey all!

    I am trying to figure out how to make my pawn's camera rotate around the pawn when a menu is open, so input axis is turned off during this time. Anyone have any insight on how I would do this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I may have found the solution I am looking for.

    I will update this after testing.


      I ended up going a different rout instead of my question.


        Some warning, before you go too deep into rabbit hole:

        If you ever plan to do multiplayer game out of that project, split camera pawn from character pawn.
        And dig into multiplayer asap, else you face recoding half of your game.
        If your pawn is on top of that a character pawn you will get weird stuttering in multiplayer (didn't found source of it so i could not fix it).
        Instead i did some redesign and luckily it works fine. What makes me even more happy is that i finally found a way to code it properly.

        My setup is character pawn that is AI driven, and camera pawn that snaps to character (copies character pawn location and rotation on event tick). Adding some camera arm lag and it all works smoothly.
        Because i have separated character AI pawn and camera pawn, with my setup it would be a matter to add rotating movement component to camera pawn and activate it for when player is in menu.
        After initial a bit messy setup, so many other things get much simpler.


          I am having issues with getting the split camera pawn to follow the character pawn, when I split the camera out.

          Anything you suggest I read or any tutorials you suggest I follow? It has been quite a frustrating thing to try and get working!

          This is for multiplayer