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    Originally posted by knack View Post
    ..for i think Baroque
    ^^ +1 <-was all i wanted to write, but it was to short..
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    UE brings Math back into my life or i am not sure.


      Originally posted by xulture View Post
      Probably 12 lines..
      I don't seriously think it is just 12 lines.. it has got be at least 50 lines. But my point is, 200 lines is still manageable - in fact, what I am trying to say is this: 200 C++ liners is nothing compared to the huge mess of blueprint spaghetti you just saw. There is no way anyone else other than the original author want to modify it - probably just delete it, and start all over.


        Originally posted by knack View Post
        we can do a screenshot BP library/museum.

        we have the first candidate for i think Baroque

        Well you know what they say..... If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.
        Trevor Lee