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Need help setting up a pong like ball in a 3D space

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    Need help setting up a pong like ball in a 3D space

    Hey all I'm working on a simple 3D pong game but Im running into a problem with the ball not bouncing correctly. How I have it set up right now the ball is that it spawns in the world with an initial velocity and since it is in an enclosed room it bounces off the walls. The problem is that once it has bounced a couple of times against the level the ball will slow down and I guess build up some top spin like rotation which affects the bounce creating a sharp bounce that is to random to make anything fun with. What I would like to accomplish is to have a ball that bounces in a somewhat predictable manner like pong, billiards, or racquetball but without gravity affecting the ball so it could endlessly bounce off the walls.

    I found this thread that is basically what I'm looking for in the ball blueprint.

    So what I tried to do was use the projectile from the FPS example and did an on componentHit(CollisionSphere) that increased the projectiles velocity by a certain amount. Here is how I set it up. I still dont know much about the projectile system in UE4. I'm open to any ideas!

    Click image for larger version

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