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Destroy player on KillVolume overlap

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    Destroy player on KillVolume overlap

    Hi All,

    I am currently trying to set up a death/respawn mechanic for a first person level.

    I am following the guide on the documentation regarding respawn

    I had to edit my code slightly, as all of my player controls are housed in the control blueprint and not player blueprint.

    When I run my level and hit the kill volume I get an error saying "Error Accessed None 'CallFunc_GetPlayerCharacter_ReturnValue3' from node Add Movement Input in graph 'EventGraph' in blueprint PlayerController.

    I believe what is happening is that because my player blueprint in the level has been deleted there is no place to set the input. That being said I am unsure how to proceed and would appreciate any suggestions!

    It sounds like you have it right. You have a seperate blueprint for input that's looking for your character but you've destroyed it so the reference is pulling nothing and getting confused. Whats the issue after that? Does it still spawn a new character and you aren't able to control it or does it just hang there at that point?



      Thanks for responding. The client simply freezes, I receive the error when I exit the client.


        You could disable the input for the player right before you kill the player, that way there is no input that can cause any error, just remember to enable it when the player respawns.

        Hope it helps.