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swapping geometry models and cameras with on-screen buttons?

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    swapping geometry models and cameras with on-screen buttons?


    I'm looking into the following:

    I have to do this presentation of a convention booth, and it will be multiple variants to choose from.
    What I would like to do, is make it so that the client can press button A to see option A, button B for option B and so on.

    I would make all the different parts of the booth, and set them up accordingly in Unreal for each variant.

    So how would I approach the 'swapping' of models? And on a side note: How would one deal with the lighting of every 'set'? One would bake the lighting for every separate part I assume? So ou don't get funny shadows and such of objects that have disappeared?

    The other option I would like to have, is to set up multiple camera location for the game camera, so it's easy to swap to certain parts of the booth. But still be able to move around after the swap.
    Like a button for 'Front', 'Side', 'Home' etc.. to quickly move around.

    I could find a lot of info on swapping materials and such, but haven't really found anything about these two scenarios yet.

    So any tips, links and tricks are much appreciated :-)