So I've got this problem in UE4, using the rolling ball template I've made a 4cm high rolling ball and adjusted the blueprint to make it in to a 3rd person camera. When the character jumps however, the camera will clip through the floor when it lands for a split second resulting in the screen flashing. It happens around half the time while the other half its fine.

The ball is unevenly shaped since it represents a ball of paper so I'm unsure if that is the cause. I've got the spring arm on "Do Collision Test" which is fine otherwise but which hasn't changed a thing in regards to this.

I've had a look around on the web and can't find anyone with the same problem so I though I'd give you guys here a shot.

I'll leave a screenshot of the blueprint here too if that's any help, if you think you can help don't hesitate to ask for any info I've not included and thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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