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Basic IA as Learned UE4 v4.9.2

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    Basic IA as Learned UE4 v4.9.2

    ok so for anyone who is attempting to read this file there seems to be little help on these forums within these pages so I'm going to attempt to use blueprints and create an AI from scratch the trick is I'm a noob and have only little idea what I am doing but ive attempted to follow everyone elses post on how to do black boards and move commands and such for AI but me and everyone else who attempts to follow them seems to find that either we are using a different version of the editor and stuff is in different locations, and then down the road may even have different functions of some stuff may be unable to find within the editor.

    As of today I'm using the newest version of UE4 version 4.9.2 and all future post will be giving good information on any breakthroughs I make incase someone else has the same questions I have.

    first thing is first I am not going to use black board atm(at the moment) because I don't know what I'm doing if someone wishes to assist me I may learn them and repost later. next I'm not going to build my script within the level editor if at all possible to that it is easy to merge into other levels and projects without a lot of copy paste.

    finally I will leave as many comments as I can and post pictures when I get working blue prints

    step 1: will be how to get an AI to move to specific location
    step 2: the actor
    step 3: Merge 1 and 2 and add random location movement, and loss of target follow.
    step 4: to be determined after I finish step 3.