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Pivot Movement w/ actors

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    Pivot Movement w/ actors

    Thanks for taking a look at my minimal, yet key issue. I'm working on some movement techniques for vehicles and I'm stuck. I'm taking the gold disc (my car) and moving it directly ahead (there is a red arrow on top just to help show which way the disc is moving) in which it passes a trigger box that builds a widget on the screen for the player to pick Gate 1 or 2 and allow the car to travel on without further player interaction. Via the "Movement to Gate A" image, I remove the widget and allow my gold actor to proceed to the "target changer" point. This is where I'm stuck -- obviously I want the car to proceed on to Gate 1 as an ultimate destination (endpoint actor), however I need the car to make 90 degree turn to the right, directly on the target changer point before it makes any movement towards the endpoint. If I use any of the target relative rotation pins or use tie in the break rot/make rot combination below, the gold disc spins while on it's way to the endpoint target. I assume there must be some node or combination of nodes that would hold the gold disc at the target changer point, complete the gradual rotation, then allow the car to proceed on. I appreciate any input and help from the great minds of the UE forum!
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    'bump',, any ideas/suggestions?