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Making a AI chase another AI

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    Making a AI chase another AI

    Edit: Solution in first reply.

    I have a setup where AIs might meet, and if so, I want one to start fleeing while the other starts chasing.

    Currently, the AI only spots a player controller pawn. A lot of my checks are based on the "OnSeePawn(PawnSensing)" node though, which only seems to react to my player controller pawn.

    Are there other similar nodes to "OnSeePawn" which could work similarly, except would only pick AI controlled pawns? Or pawns with a tag? The tag method would be preferable.

    edit: Can I somehow force the OnSeePawn(PawnSensing) node to check for other pawns than my player pawn?
    Last edited by Gmi; 09-26-2015, 01:01 PM. Reason: solution found

    I'm an idiot. Ofcourse I find the solution immediately after posting here.

    For anyone else that might have a similar problem in the future:

    Under your AI's "Pawn sensing" component, theres a checkbox for "Only see players" or something similar. Uncheck it, and the OnPawnSee can be triggered by other stuff than the player. Beautiful.