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Apply Radial Damage With Falloff being really awkward...

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    Apply Radial Damage With Falloff being really awkward...

    For some reason the boolean output on this node returns true (meaning I hit at least one actor) only when I shoot another actor from certain angles.
    The static mesh components all have blocking collisions and clearly cover the entire mesh, so I really can't understand why only shooting it from in front or behind returns true.

    My base damage is 20, minimum is 1, range is 10-100m respectively. This definitely is within the of the actor's collision bounds seeing as how I'm directly shooting at it.
    I also used Draw Debug Sphere to make sure the location is where it should be, and it is.
    I also put a reference to self for damage causer.
    Apply Point Damage works as expected, but Apply Radial Damage With Falloff is giving me these problems.

    Anything obvious I may have missed?
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    I'm still struggling with this.
    Friendly bump.