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    tag search?

    hi just a question ive been wanting to ask..

    1. an actor can have 1 or more tags right?
    2. you can check with 'actor has tag'.
    3. if you have 2 or more tag, you just need to have 2 checks with 'actor has tag'
    4. is 'actor has tag' searching / query-ing is recommended?
    i mean, like used a lot in checks /array.. etc..

    thinking if maybe add actor tag: bruce wayne
    so for a fast search, find actor with tag 'bruce wayne'
    this is because i have 1 character class that branched of to different types of unit..
    wanted to classify them , and is wondering which way i can quickly query/search for specific actors..
    is this alright? or theres a better way to do this..