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    Originally posted by Bino View Post
    I should highlight that this is a bug and this approach is a work around. It's been fixed
    Workaround with synced keys also worked for me (blueprint project) Thank you Bino!
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      Note that the fix is in 4.26. Since this issue is a lot more wide spread than we thought I'll merge the fix to 4.25.1.


        Originally posted by BiasedAgent View Post
        Completely missed this message. Thanks! My debugging skills failed me... completely missed it was called twice.. Seems really obvious now *facepalm*.


          Very new to BTs, so I have to ask.
          Using the task Run Behavior allows you to select another BT to execute. But if these use different BBs, then the subtree won't execute past the first composite.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	BTSameBB.png Views:	32 Size:	86.8 KB ID:	1769086

          In the bottom example, sub BT with different BB from what the main one is using won't execute.
          Is that intended?

          Edit; to Run Behavior in another tree, the behavior trees needs to have the same blackboard - something that the top example did have, but the bottom did not.
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            Thanks a lot for sharing this information. When reading about decorators not all being executed top to bottom, what about services, if I have more than one?

            Click image for larger version

Name:	bt-service-order.PNG
Views:	54
Size:	39.3 KB
ID:	1819819

            All my tests show that the services get executed top to bottom, but is this a guarantee? It is important if for example one service sets blackboard values, which another one relies on.