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First person dungeon crawler style movement.

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    First person dungeon crawler style movement.

    Good morning/evening.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me make a dungeon crawler style movement, like "Legends of grimrock" or the Wizardy games.

    Thanks in advance.

    DOn't know those games but there's an entire series on youtube for creating a 3rd person character. The only difference between 3rd person and 1st person is camera placement.


      They want a first-person view with the camera posing as the front party leader, dungeon walls, ceiling and floor surrounding your view. Kind of like looking into a shoe box through the one side that is cut out.

      I like to call it "tunnel-vision"

      Making it should be fairly easy, use First-Person Template, make the dungeon (plenty of random maze generators out there), the "tricky" part would be making the camera move so-many-steps-at-a-time. Turning is simple, rotate 45 / 90 degrees in the desired direction.
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        Yeah, my problem is that I don't know how to set up the camera that way.


          Turning: Put your Camera onto the event graph, pull off of the connection and look for a Get Actor Rotation. Break the Struct (right-click and select to split the pins) and off of the Yaw (I believe), promote it to a variable (CamYaw). Check if CamYaw + (for left turns, use -90, for right turns, use +90) will go above 359 or below 1, if it does set it to 0. Off of the Camera, pull a Set Actor Rotation and plug in the CamYaw variable. All of this is attached to your turning inputs (Q & E by default standards).

          Moving: Same idea, but you will use Location instead of Rotation. Make a Steps variable and set it to some length you want the camera to move by, for example 100.

          The ideas are there, but without having access to Unreal, I can't really "show you" what all of this means. Hopefully this will tide you over until someone decides to post a screenshot or something.

          Note: This was a quick and dirty flow of process, so it may not be complete.


            Thanks, I'll try it out.