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Use trace to detect a specific mesh and swap a material

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    Use trace to detect a specific mesh and swap a material

    Hey guys,

    So iv'e got trace working no problem and using a string i can see its pulling the 4 lets say cubes names I have on the level.

    However i can't seem to work something out.

    What i want is to say depending on the cube being looked at, when someone hits 'E' a wall changes colour behind them to the respective cubes colour. and to change depending on which cube it being looked at. I can't work out how to do this at all and i've no idea how to go about it.
    A mouse over would make this SO much easier however it has to be done via trace for VR. (They won't have a mouse only a custom board with one button to replicated a single keyboard input)

    The only way i can think about doing it is somehow checking the name of the actor via the trace breakout against a list and if its equal to it change material, no clue how to do this though!

    Any help would be great, sorry to be so illusive, under a semi-NDA which prevents me from really showing any artwork at this time.

    Edit: Problem solved using Tags
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