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Testing whether or not an actor/physics are asleep/inactive/etc.

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    Testing whether or not an actor/physics are asleep/inactive/etc.

    So basically I have objects (dice) that the user creates and then I need to be able to know when these objects are asleep, as opposed to awake.

    Is there any get function in Blueprints that will allow me to determine the state of a physical object? Because right now I am looping through all of said objects, however, I am unsure about when these objects will actually be at rest, because being dice, they may have minute velocities such as if landing on a corner, and currently, I am receiving incorrect values by checking to see if their velocity is 0.

    You can call "Is Active", or "Is Simulating Physics".

    Edit: I guess I misread your question, what sort of values are you getting when checking to see if velocity is 0?
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      Unfortunately when measuring velocity against 0, I wind up with premature readings of what face of my die is up, usually when one collides with a surface such as a wall or the floor.