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Unreal crashed and now mouse hit results always fails.

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    Unreal crashed and now mouse hit results always fails.

    So I was editing a completely unrelated blueprint then Unreal went and crashed on me (v4.8) SO I reopen it and went to test it and now my hit results always return false.

    I can still interact with my widgets and ui. My current set up is when I click if Im in "creation mode" it places and object at that mouse location. That works.
    If I'm in "selection mode" i can select that object and see its stats. Now I cant select it and it returns false. I tried setting input mode to game just to test and that did nothing.

    Also, I noticed(I don't think it was doing this before) that when i click my mouse does disappear briefly for that click and if I hold the mouse button down it stays gone until released. I also tried just packaging it and it is still broke.

    Anyone have any ideas? I've gotten so far and this is extremely important for this program! :/

    EDIT: I have it set up to where when I am placing objects it checks if there is already an object there, if there is it will not place it else it will place it.
    It's complete ignoring that too...
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    Alright I got it. I changed the collision type on the object to NoCollision, but I never tested it after that!

    That's a load off my shoulders!