I have a wierd problem that I cannot get to the bottom of. I imported a new package (generic buildings). Open the level and had it do a production lighting build over night. This morning all of my character references in the core generic shooter BPs are saying they are incompatable and I am getting "bad calls" to MyCharacter BP. I am completely stuck, thoughts?

Get these errors when I start the editor.

Error Failed import for ObjectProperty /Game/GenericShooter/BlueprintLogic/BP_PlayerCharacter.BP_PlayerCharacter_C:ThirdPersonCamera
Error Failed import for BlueprintGeneratedClass /Game/GenericShooter/BlueprintLogic/BP_PlayerCharacter.BP_PlayerCharacter_C
Error Failed import for BoolProperty /Game/GenericShooter/BlueprintLogic/BP_PlayerCharacter.BP_PlayerCharacter_C:bIsThirdPerson
Error Failed import for ObjectProperty /Game/GenericShooter/BlueprintLogic/BP_PlayerCharacter.BP_PlayerCharacter_C:HeroCamera

There seem to be a massive desynch of MyCharacter BP and the remaining BPs.