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Add Movement Input based on Impact Normal to a mesh (Doesn't update rotation sufficiently?)

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    Bumping before it falls off the first page into oblivion without a response.

    I know there's a fair bit going on but I really do need help, I have spent hours and re-written a lot of it repeatedly to find an alternative method or fix it. But I always end up in the same place.

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  • Add Movement Input based on Impact Normal to a mesh (Doesn't update rotation sufficiently?)

    Hi, I was hoping to get some assistance with my wall running blueprint.

    The issue is that it doesn't appear to rotate sufficiently when trying to match the impact normal of the surface he is running on. Very close to a complete solution (possibility of a tutorial if I can fix this). This is the last issue I face.

    I have prepared a bunch of images to assist with what's going on.

    This gif is a visual representation of how the debugging lines are generated as well as an illustration of the issue at hand. In this gif the rotation rate of the charactermovement is erroneously set to 600, but the result with 100,000 is only a bit better. Air control is at 1 (max). This issue remained present also while setting the mode to flying just to rule out gravity issues.

    Orient rotation to movement = enabled

    This here is an image illustrating what the debug information in the gif means. There is also a pink marker in this one that isn't present in the gif, and it shows where the character ended up.

    This one shows how the pawn is setup with triggers, please note that they've been exaggerated to assist with debugging. The box can be ignored for this issue. The two spheres are the locations that the raycast going to each side to detect for the face normals of the wall end up.

    And finally, this here is the relevant portion of the blueprint. The logic you can't see just says "Are we pressing the wall run button? We're in the air? Then wall run!". Then this function goes into the tick event.

    Appreciate any help! Thanks!