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Portal Button, Cube And Door

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    Portal Button, Cube And Door

    I'm trying to make a portal style puzzle game. I need to make a button and door but a cube dose not interact with the
    box collision and I don't ether. I don't want matinee or level blueprint id like two blueprints I can place down and connect together. Id also like
    to be able to place the same blueprints over and over again.


    sorry for spelling mistakes if any.
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    The Content Examples sample game in the Learning section of the launcher has lots of different examples of buttons. I'd start there to see how they are doing them. Pretty sure they are blueprints that reference other things in the world so that should do what you want.
    Cribbage Sample Project on MP


      THANK YOU!!!!!!

      I'm still learning unreal..... i'm only 11


        I tried using some examples but for me it didn't work.

        Please make a tutorial .


          Not much of a tutorial seeing as i dont have a mic and my mouse waving skills are sub par :P Watch in 1080P so you can see the details of the blueprints.

          Just need three Interfaces, one for each of the door, button and cube. Use the BeginOverlap and EndOverlap events on the button to trigger opening and closing the door if anything that implements the Cube Interface overlaps the button.

          If you have any questions, post back here or you can contact me directly.

          Skype: mattyman174

          Project Download.
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