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Switching between Characters and Spectators

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    Switching between Characters and Spectators

    Hi everyone,

    Im currently doing an architectural project and have several ways of touring the model:
    The first one is a regular Character which is allowed to move freely on the map with W/A/S/D.
    The second one is a Spectator camera which only moves along a spline with W/S.
    The third one is another Spectator Camera which moves along another spline with W/S.

    I tried to set keys 1, 2 and 3 to posses the corresponding cameras/character.

    I thought it would be as simple as setting the key to trigger the unposses, followed by a posses of the desired camera/character component in the "In Pawn".

    Any idea on what might be the problem?

    Thanks a lot in advanced,

    Click image for larger version

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    What happens when you try to call it, and how is the BP Player variable initialized?

    Also, why wouldn't you do this in the player controller blueprint itself?


      Hi, what do you mean initialized?

      When I did it, I left the original Spectator Camera but somehow got stuck at what seemed the original position of the Spectator Camera and wouldnt let me move as a Character....
      I tried unmaking what I did and it got to a point where in Play, I could choose which of the three the player started in (through the option of automatic player possesion: player 0) but when I packaged it or launched it indepentendly it was always fixed on the 3rd camera... even after I deleted the 3rd Camera and its actor... I think I may have screwed something :/

      Any ideas on how to repair that or if I should just start from 0 again?
      If I do start from 0, I would like to try having those 3 cameras working though...

      Thanks in advanced,