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Need clarification for Melee damage and attacks

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    Need clarification for Melee damage and attacks

    Hey all,
    I've been making some strides in game development!
    Now have a title screen, game menu and loading screen attached to my 3rd person template which is using LHutz's Inventory.
    I've got an AI NPC walking around and will chase if it detects you, or lose interest if you get away from it.

    NOW.. I want to start dealing some melee damage with the weapons..
    I've tried following this Example/Wiki..
    But this is incomplete from what i see.. and has vague references
    MeleeDamage is simply a float that i set elsewhere.
    BUT WHERE!?....

    Using the LHutz system leaves me with questions of, where I put nodes.. on the player character, the NPC, the Weapon Items..
    I've looked through the forums for hours, piecing things from here and there, but they don't all work in this situation.
    Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else using LHutz Inventory?
    I know I posted about this before (kind of) but I need to get some BP clarifications!

    Thanks all

    Can't believe nobody has any ideas... and LHutz is MIA lol..


      Melee damage or all other kind of damages,healths etc are just float values set in variables. Engine doesn't care if your 'Health' variable goes negative. You need specify to die/destroy the actor if health goes below 0.

      I don't know how LHutz system deals with things but melee combat system is a little complicated.

      There are many ways to do that,but do the simple one. That is with the overlapping capsules,I guess.

      Where or which BP to put the nodes is up to you. In Object Oriented Programming,which UE uses,if you coding or putting nodes on weapon's blueprint,imagine that you are a weapon see from its perspective. Like a weapon can't have a health or hunger. But it can hold variables/information about how much damage it can do or how many bullet it have.


        there's a few places on the forum that have a set up for attacks with melee for sword, punch, kick, and melee in the search and you should come up with a few people showing how to go about this in blueprints...including my Alice sig below and you'll see lots of videos walking you through setting a melee fighting system up.....



          Thanks President,
          I've been through the videos you mentioned, but none of them seemed to relate to the system I am working with (which is LHutz's Inventory & Equipment Blueprints)
          I have also watched your videos too Which are great and I love what you're doing in AiTW!
          After looking through a handful of Projects, watching dozens of videos... I finally decided on purchasing Alex Davis' - Melee combat / Action game, TPS template.
          I has a VERY similar setup to what LHutz has and I've been able to learn a TON in the last 2 days as well as pay somebody for their work

          So, more from me on this soon! Should have some new content to show off in the next week!

          Thanks all for the help and suggestions!