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How to adjust the curve between nodes?

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    How to adjust the curve between nodes?

    First of all, I am glad to be back to the UE4 community after 9 months in developing in a different engine.

    Today, I was doing some tutorials and I wonder if there is a setting that allows me to adjust the curvature of the connection line between the nodes?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Material Node Curve.PNG
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    I personally have no real issue with the current curve, but I reckon i will be more comfortable working with straight connection line.

    Any help and pointers will be greatly appreciate.

    There's no support for that atm, you can double click the line to introduce a node, though.


      You can also put in a Reroute node (basically an anchor) on the lines to provide more rigidity to their curvaceous style.