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Weird problem with Open Level

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    Weird problem with Open Level

    First: Its not a bug, i tested it with a blank template level, and it only happens in my project.

    So i have a menu with a nice startmap, there is a button called "new game".
    If i click the button the new level should be loaded and the game is succesfully started.

    Reality: If i click the button the editor freezes and the memory starts leaking... at the moment its at 2 gb... before i clicked it was only 1.
    The editor crashes and i dont have any error log.

    The maps are in the same folder.
    The blueprint just says:
    OnClicked ----- Open level "newmap"
    What could be the problem?

    Its still there and i tried lots of things know.

    Renamed the map
    Placed them in a folder called maps
    added .umap extension in the print...

    I cant actually believe why it is not workin...

    I will make some screenies



      By doing the impossible weirdest thing in the world. Moving every map into a standart folder called "maps"... sers. WTF?

      Why cant i have my own sorting system?!? Would this be such a big deal?!