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Blueprint "Sequence" node problem

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    Blueprint "Sequence" node problem

    I've already posted this on AnswerHub about a week ago, but I haven't got any response yet, so I post it here as well, and to see if others have the same problem.

    Link to Answerhub:

    Basically, when I have more than 1 output for a sequence node connected, it shows a blue bar below it with "Note". When I hover over it, it shows "The path is never executed. Then 1", and only the first output is triggered. There are no other settings as far as I know regarding the sequence node, and I didn't find anything when searching.

    Where this happens is inside a function that changes nine materials into dynamic material instances (which is inside the construction script). I used a sequence node to change everything simultaneously, rather than linearly, to make it more clear and easily editable. I don't have a picture right now, since I'm not working on a computer with the engine installed.
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    I can't be sure without seeing your graph but sounds like it could be because of this 4.8 change:

    Blueprint nodes are not executed after the return node is reached. The "Print String" node on the picture won't be executed.

    If so then make sure you return after you execute all the necessary paths from the sequence node.

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      Yep as TK-Master pointed out ... if you are running 4.8 and you have it set up like that ... it will never execute the next step.

      You either have to put your return node at the end of the last step or on the last step.

      Obviously this assumes you are running 4.8 ... if not, please can you provide us with a screenshot of the offending blueprint and maybe we can help more.
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        Yes, I'm running 4.8, forgot to mention it.

        Must have missed that while reading throught the thousands of lines of text in the release notes, I was in a hurry . I did search for the sequence node, but it had never occurred to me to look for changes with functions.

        In any case, I'll try this when I'm home. Thanks

        EDIT: Yes, indeed that fixed it. Originally, when all the material instances were set, the execution path would go to set an array with all the material, and then end the function.


        ...and after.

        Of course, come to think of it, this meant that the "set variable" node would be called nine times, which isn't necessary. So, this change is actually a good thing.
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