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DefaultSceneRoot doesn't replace

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    DefaultSceneRoot doesn't replace

    Hi, i know this problem might sound really simple, but it is cringing me! So every time i create a new blueprint class and and a component to be the ROOT, my DefaultSceneRoot (which is a white sphere) doesn't replace, and i can't either tag it's visibility or anything, so every blueprint i create from scratch is doomed to have the sphere in the 0,0,0 position. That just can't be normal. I know that adding the first component, i.e. a scene component, would theorically replace it and avoid that problem. But no matter what, adding a component doesn't swap the thing. Any ideas why this might be? Maybe i'm losing something obvious or the latest versions don't have it fixed or i have to set some preferences or...?
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    Thanks in advance!
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    Still haven't been able to solve it. Maybe someone has a solution and it is simplier than i think. For the moment i can't even create cool blueprints because they all have the sphere there and it's not being replaced when i add my first components! It's so weird...


      Drag another component (the box for example) on top of the DefaultSceneRoot component to make it the root (DefaultSceneRoot will then disappear).

      Also the DefaultSceneRoot is not visible in game anyway so.

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        Snap! I KNEW it was going to be easy haha. Thank you! And for some reason i WAS seeing the sphere of the defaultroot ._. By the way, same happens when i add a Cube Mesh component; every person i've seen do it; have a mesh of a cube but no polygons or 'image'; i mean, it is invisible. I can't make that either. Only when I use a Box collide but i mean a Cube mesh; why is that? not sure if i explained well. Thanks!