I made a function/event chain in the parent class of a BP. This traceevent is being called in the child.

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How do I go about correctly getting the 2 values at the end of the chain after I called the event in the childBP.
Edit: or how do i always make the first function execute on client and the second one on server (so i can call them in the child and ignore the events)


PS: This function and event chain is there to do a linetrace through the crosshair, I want the hitresult. This parentclass is a class that every playable character in the game will get. I thought its very efficient to make this event/functionchain so for every skill/spell/shot whatever a character needs to do that requires a linetrace I just need to call this one event in the beginning to do it.

Edit: I know I can just call the functions/events in the child, but i need the events so i can call the first "on owning client" and the do the trace with "run on server" wich i can only make with the events.