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Making a respawn for my vehicle?

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    LOL that it is! I'm in the same exact boat as you are when it comes to this kind of stuff. There doesn't seem to be enough real information out there for us beginners to transition from beginner to intermediate (not that Unreal Engine 4 is really that old, or I am any good at it! LOL). Anyway, here's my suggestion:

    In the Unreal launcher, select the Learn tab, then scroll down to the Example Game Projects section. There, you will find a Vehicle Game project (I just found it myself a few days ago). Download it and check it out. Inside of the VH_Buggy Blueprint, there is a section sequenced off of the Event Tick that should help with determining if the vehicle is stuck (instead of forcing the user to press a button to respawn, but I'd keep the button for the development cycle so you can at least test the functionality easier).

    Most of the real meat of the project is done in C++, but what it looks like to me is that they have created CheckPoint actors with an arrow facing the correct direction on the track. Whenever the buggy overlaps the actor, it records that CheckPoint as the last one it touched. If the buggy gets stuck, it is destroyed and respawns at the last known CheckPoint actor, facing the same direction as that actor. You can accomplish all of this in Blueprints. What I don't know for certain is whether you will have to cast to the level Blueprint from the GameMode to get that CheckPoint reference, or if you'll need to handle respawning in the level Blueprint instead.


      i have started making a vehicle advanced game and wondering how i would finish the event